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The Renaissance Battle of the Sexes Online!



Education and Apprenticeship

Unlike today, women could not choose to follow a career or equally work with a male. During the time, this was common and women would rarely protest against their assigned duties. The highest position a peasant woman would hold was teacher, and they would only teach their own children.

Most women were kept illiterate in order to sustain male dominance in society, and because people thought that literacy was the most important factor in running a business. Although some women were educated in math, sciences, Greek and a little history, most women were only educated in the basics and were then left to work at home with their mother until they were married off. Rarely, a lucky and wealthy daughter would be sent to a boarding school to receive the best available education, but it was very costly and few families could afford this. As a female in society, there was very little expected from you in terms of intelligence and contributions.

Towards the end of the Italian Renaissance, woman slowly began to gain respect in the arts and professions, but they needed to be both gifted and very lucky to overcome the daily prejudices of life. Female artists and scientists were often wealthy to began with and had the means to provide themselves with paint and canvas.



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