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The Renaissance Battle of the Sexes Online!



What is the Renaissance?


The label "Renaissance" is usually applied to a period in the history of Western Europe stretching from the early 14th Century to the mid to late 16th Century. In writings of that time, the term was used more specifically to describe a movement Ė the new spirit of rebirth in art and literature. It was seen as a period of "darkness", later "purer literature", and even later, art reborn and progressed through childbirth" and "youth" of something new and superior that gives a confident and binding character to the period. Now, the Renaissance is seen as building on, rather breaking with, its medieval heritage.

Many of the most famous artists, scientists, and writers lived during the Italian Renaissance. Leonardo Di Vinci, who happens to be all three, lived from 1452 until 1519. Many important scientific discoveries and pieces of art can be attributed to Leonardo.

Many people donít realize the role, impact, and status of women during this era. This ignorance results from a history primarily written by sexist, patriarchal males. However, we must never forget the contributions of females in the Renaissance or how they lived.



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