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Courtly Love

Many wealthy wives surrounded themselves with courtiers for amusement. Courtiers were expected to fall in love with a woman at court, but only show his love from a distance. During this time period, love was considered by most to be a ‘sin’ but a forgivable one since it was out of the control of mortals. People were fascinated and more concerned with physical earthly beauty, but only as a window to the perfect beauty of heaven. Love was accepted as a passion for enjoying the beauty of an object. Courtly love focused on a male’s desires to win the love of a woman in high station, and that he adore her every feature, knowing full-well his love never be returned.

To praise the beauty of the Lady, and express their love, Courtiers wrote long and emotional poetry, sang songs of honor, and played touching music.  All were expected to be witty, elegant, and cultured while in court. They amused themselves by listening to poetry recitals and concerts, watching plays, playing musical instruments and discussing the latest scandals.



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